Thursday, June 6, 2013

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SOS - RESCUE Pitty Male 1-2 yrs needs URGENT help! Jacksonville...

SOS - RESCUE Pitty Male 1-2 yrs needs URGENT help! Jacksonville Fl area! His finders say he is amazing, but because of the needs of their other pets cannot keep him! THey are desperate to avoid placing him in a kill shelter! More photos and info available on request.

Send me a mail at and i'll put you in touch with the family! I am posting this at their request, for a special friend of mine.


Please Note: They may be desperate but they are in love with this dog. He MUST go to a good home - they will not let him go anywhere where he won't be a member of the family. Those looking for a "yard dog" or a "guard dog" please don't bother contacting.

Currently held by: RalphEdwards with a grand total of 1709 Here...

Currently held by: RalphEdwards with a grand total of 1709

Here are your top 5 behind him! If you don't see your name and want to know your ranking, just ask!

hornystud1993 1700

GenTecker 1198

dg1968        993

HiGirlsRHot 920

StickyLapDog 900

Leader of the pack gets a special dog tag, his name on my profile for prosterity, A special fansign, A 60 min skype, My phone number, and mailed goodies! And the all important, bragging rights.

Be my Leader Of the Pack for June and show the pound what you're made of!! 

I owe a few special people fansigns! 

I owe a few special people fansigns! 

aww look what my amazing friend and sexy lady @StarrieNights...

aww look what my amazing friend and sexy lady @StarrieNights made me! I feel so LOVED!!

Talk to me LIVE on niteflirt right now - Live phone sex and...

Talk to me LIVE on niteflirt right now - Live phone sex and domination services starting at $1.99 a minute! I didn't get my orgasm earlier and would love one now!

Do you have a fetlife account???

Miss_Lollipop is my user name there! Feel free to friend me :)

Download Link: Available to POUND MEMBERS  or if you purchase...

Download Link: Available to POUND MEMBERS  or if you purchase the pussy party package for 1200tks (includes 17 vids/recorded shows AND the pic set) OR you can tip me 99tks and ask for Pussy Party Pics :) 


Type:  Picture Set
Download Size: 51MB
Format:  JPEG
Number of Pics:  112
Category:  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Flavor:  #DoubleDelight

This set was taken during the EPIC pussy party at the start of may! Fridays_Child came to visit, and she apparently has never had a professional shoot done. Lolli fixed this! This set contains some SMOKING hot solo pics of my sexy friend Fridays_Child (Holly), then some amazingly hot pictures of us playing… and me treating her like a dirty little whore! Finally I threw in a few behind the scenes shots I grabbed, and some cell phone pics we took during our weekend together!

Thanks to Fox Photography for helping make this happen! This file is a ZIP file full of high quality professional pictures! 

Pics included: Solo friday in bare feet, pink bra and panty - stripping
Lolli feet close up
Friday spreading her ass
Friday ball gagged and ass plugged
Friday and Lolli in lingerie 
Heel fetish - sucking/licking/kissing
Nipple clamps on friday
Girl on Girl spanking, wrestling, kissing and biting
Strap on shots

Behind the scenes cell pics!

Download Link: Available to POUND members  or you can purchase...

Download Link: Available to POUND members  or you can purchase for 150 tokens on its own, OR 200tks for this video AND a bonus video of me riding rachel's strap on out by the pool! Both vids are available immediately. You can also find this video for sale here: or from @MissRachlSmith

Type:  Video
Format:  mp4
Length:   7min
File size:  176mb
Category:  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Flavor: #DoubleDelight


Rachel Singer is such a slutty little thing, running around the pool house teasing me. I finally take her up on the offer and tell her to strip for me, while I get my long strap on cock ready to fuck her tight pussy. She doesn't expect it to be so ROUGH when I throw her on the bed, pull her hair and force my strap-on cock into her hole DEEP and ROUGH. Lots of close up angles on her pussy and face. She cums SO Hard, but just when she thinks she's done, I tell her I have not finished with her yet, and take her even harder, forcing her to cum over and over until I am done with her. And of course, I make her clean all the juice off my dildo with the BEST blow job eyes as she sucks it, POV style. Rachel is SMOKING hot in this video, and this little slut loved every fucking minute of her ravaging! 

OMG i just got finished uploading and editing the MASSIVE amount...

OMG i just got finished uploading and editing the MASSIVE amount of vids and pics from Fridays_Child's epic PUSSY PARTY weekend with me last month! 

The entire Pussy Party Package is 1200tokens. You can send an offline tip for it now. all files are Mp4! There are HOURS upon Hours of footage!

We ended up with a total of 18 downloads for sale. That's 17 vids which include recorded shows, and vids taken when we were NOT on cam!

Streaking show,


Monkey Rocker Sex Machine


Clothespin BDSM





Strap on Fucking

Fuck machine (dual view)

Airport public bathroom - anal hook and clamps! 

Adult Baby Fetish 

Mile High vid in plane bathroom

Live phonesex show - split screen

Pussy Eating

Shower Sex


And general hijinks and naughtyness!

What's your favorite part of your job?

There's SO much to enjoy! 

Realistically though - as much as I love the people i meet, the friendships i make, the orgasms, the creativity i get to use and explore, the control I have over my business and my destiny, the attention, the ego boost… I love that I make enough money to pursue my goal of No More Homeless Pets. I love that I can make enough to give back. I love that I can do that… so i guess.. i love the FREEDOM this job gives me!

What was your favorite cartoon/kids show when you were growing up? And now looking back, is it still your favorite childhood show, or is there another?

Playschool - a nz show. 

I also loved seseme street and I think it's still my favourite.

What is your favorite domme pov video that you have made?

I love "You're My Whore! (v1)

Lolli the Mistress has discovered her boyfriend secretly wants to suck cock. In this POV video she straps on a huge dildo and makes you, her boyfriend, suck her off as she lets you in on the plans she has for you're future sex life. (Large screen version, 1080p HD)"

Why U no naked bb. U make more tips if yo naked bb!

When is google bringing out that "punch in the face through the computer screen" app?

how many times a day do you wish you could punch someone through a computer screen?

Haha! aaaa lot! Camming has taught me to have MUCH thicker skin about  many things, and I don't let words and dumbass-ness fuck with my head too often anymore. 

Oh I scrolled down a bit abs saw you had a team game going on a cam show? How does that work lol

You just sent me a message saying you can't tip me cos you're just a college student, (i have plenty of college students that are fans, tipping doesn't have to be a lot. It can be a couple of bucks as appreciation.) So I'm not really sure why you care? The game is done but basically we do races sometimes in my cam room where people tip any amount (yes, that means even a NICKEL for a poor college student) to get on a team. THe rest of the rules for the team game were posted below the photo you saw! 

So I see you enjoy what you do =) that's good. are you with someone? (Not gonna hit on you I'm just curious)

I'm a collared slave, and have been for the last 2 yrs (so yes)

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Scrambled eggs, hash brown, bacon, pancakes, fresh cut fruit and most importantly coffee! (I'm gonna make some right now) What is your perfect breakfast? -Eddie1985 @ninjamonkey1985

I actually can't eat first thing, so i usually start with coffee and about 2 hrs in will start eating food. 

I'm known for eating regular foods at breakfast, and breakfast food at night. At night i like cereal, porridge, toast with nutella, etc. I do however LOVE hashbrowns in the morning…  and I love fruit and greek yoghurt. 

What if you could be a character from the books, but only a male character?

Tyrion. totally. 

favorite movie? (other than Lolita)


If you could be part of one of the great (or lesser) houses in A Song of Ice and Fire, which would you choose and why? (you are none of the characters featured in the book)

See I always IDENTIFY as targaryen because I love the Khaleesi so much. But I don't really know if I'd want to just be a random 'member' of her house. 

I feel like house Tully has pretty, fertile homelands, and doesn't seem to get into TOO much trouble on their own.  

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